Millionaire Warriors Club

A Very Sincere Welcome to All MWC Clients – Past, Present & Future!

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The Millionaire Warriors Club is an ultra exclusive program of elite one-on-one training in the Martial Arts. This training has been specifically designed for the highest echelons of International society, people who are pressed for time and eager for efficiency, competency and convenience – unique individuals who desire, expect and deserve the best. It is accessible only to high net-worth individuals who enjoy playing the game of life better than most – Fortune 500 CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, Hollywood celebrities and executives, and professional athletes.


Give me just ONE WORKING DAY … Develop a True Warrior’s Spirit and be Protected for Life!!!

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If you are one of those select individuals who qualify for access to the MWC, you will be taught very specialized ways of controlling stress and, if required, getting into the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally. Added security and peace of mind is achieved with the vanquish of any concerns about violence towards yourself or your loved ones! All of this is accomplished with a methodical blend of 2,000 year-old practises and the latest cutting-edge technologies, a process which guarantees to let your inner super-hero rise as you cultivate your Warrior Spirit!

“I run a private elite practice and take on clients by invitation and referral only.”

Each member of the ultra-exclusive MWC will be trained directly by SIFU George Fitzgerald, one of the World’s leading experts in his field, a Martial Arts Master Instructor, a Grand Master of the fighting arts.

SIFU George Fitzgerald – the Millionaire Warriors Club

Trained by THREE of Bruce Lee’s best students and several other legendary teachers, SIFU George is a Martial Artist of 41 years experience and the proud holder of SIXTEEN Black Belts! He has the unique ability to teach you the world’s very BEST personal survival and Martial Arts techniques, with the utmost level of competence and the best professional service available.

As a supporter and advocate of achievement and affluence, SIFU George heartily accepts, approves and applauds the success of those select individuals who meet the criteria of MWC membership. MWC members are indeed different to others, and if granted access, you will develop skills that will build on your already established iconic status, making you even more interesting, perhaps even mysterious … licensed to thrill!

In short, the Millionaire Warriors Club expands on the undeniable current strengths of each of it’s private members. It harnesses the body and mind to create further skill sets and mind sets – Warrior attributes that will have a profound impact in ALL areas of life and give you a competitive advantage not enjoyed by others, with a new-found respect, both in the personal and professional arena.

 Think about it. What would your life be like if you were NEVER intimidated by a person or situation again? 



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